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ĺèàh ĺòùìßè
ĺèàh ĺòùìßè 3 ժամ առաջ
The guy raging saying multiple times " why is he afk " Me: he cant answer you mate if he is afk
ELI Hudson
ELI Hudson 13 ժամ առաջ
*XXXDATES.ONLINE* *Аdult Оnlу 18+* !!! ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ ------------------------------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent.... camionetas a beste -どん鉢 など病院 ベッド下 入れ----迅速に chattered アンナKirillovna. - そこで彼はその 買いました。 なぜ もっ 細か?
Amit Patel
Amit Patel 18 ժամ առաջ
pc players rage allot
Matt Kong
Matt Kong Օր առաջ
JJ’s life is amazing. He’s literally enjoying his food while watching the best videos. On top of that, he’s getting mad views!
Alexander Tyson
Alexander Tyson Օր առաջ
😂😂😂😂he called xqc ninja junior
My Face
My Face Օր առաջ
This part make me laugh so hard *8:12* and I'm sure u will too
Aburaihan Ansari
Aburaihan Ansari 3 օր առաջ
3:22 when u are an imposter and u get voted for no reason
evoking12345 3 օր առաջ
Holy fucking cringe 🤣
Nicholas Sideris
Nicholas Sideris 3 օր առաջ
De-Vaghn Blackshear
De-Vaghn Blackshear 3 օր առաջ
Do something else
De-Vaghn Blackshear
De-Vaghn Blackshear 3 օր առաջ
When jj said WHOAH!!! It’s like white people make a vid about something that they think is cool but actually hella boring and dumb like your showing a box of candie and your like WHOAH!!!! Like stfu
Antonio Praide
Antonio Praide 4 օր առաջ
To this day, I’m still looking for the video at 2:23
Eiffel Power
Eiffel Power 4 օր առաջ
The next fight ksi will do is ksi vs rage gamer
Mikke 4 օր առաջ
andyki mestoil
stan40d 4 օր առաջ
Kitkat citee
Kitkat citee 4 օր առաջ
The bit with the rocket sent me. It's so good lol 🤣
gever ahosharmota 1
gever ahosharmota 1 5 օր առաջ
155 lbs to kg its 70 how much u lift?
Adam Rawlyk
Adam Rawlyk 5 օր առաջ
The best salt is Logan Paul after he lost the boxing match.
Erick Xavier Rodríguez
Erick Xavier Rodríguez 6 օր առաջ
Legend says markiplier is one of the nicest people in youtube
WhatEverBeasts 6 օր առաջ
Dont ever laugh at wizard kid again or he’ll get ur panties
BogglesTheOwl 6 օր առաջ
"Ninja Jr." nah man, put some respect on xQc's name
Affan Baihaqi
Affan Baihaqi 6 օր առաջ
4:22 jj didn't see the streamers name...
JayForSure 7 օր առաջ
5:21 got me
Jack Forge
Jack Forge 7 օր առաջ
8:48 Whats the game
ahmedeltaher Elshagmani
ahmedeltaher Elshagmani 7 օր առաջ
Plot twist : jj food had salt
Cyanaide 7 օր առաջ
Ninja has a relationship with his desk.
Angel Recinos
Angel Recinos 8 օր առաջ
Gatorade+doritos+high testosterone=salt
Angel Recinos
Angel Recinos 8 օր առաջ
I'm sure any second now apartment security will be knocking on their doors.
Dave 9 օր առաջ
5:05 buy salt too
Xkirby Channel
Xkirby Channel 9 օր առաջ
Damn even kid got a better meal
Johnathan Pitman
Johnathan Pitman 9 օր առաջ
ninja jr? thats xqc
ImMotherRusia Xd
ImMotherRusia Xd 9 օր առաջ
9:03 to 9:23 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆💀
Legend 3412
Legend 3412 9 օր առաջ
Bulking season is on with some extra salt
Kevin Pham
Kevin Pham 9 օր առաջ
5:47 reddit do your thing
TkSharma 9 օր առաջ
11:31 thats hardcore, KSI
TkSharma 9 օր առաջ
5:26 they deserved some more reaction, JJ
Mr. Original
Mr. Original 10 օր առաջ
Didn't ever think someone shouting "F&CKING SPEAK ENGLISH" in super sh*tty audio quality would make me laugh so damn hard...
Lucy Sanders
Lucy Sanders 10 օր առաջ
This is one of the funniest vid I've seen in awhile 🤣🤣🤣
King lukas
King lukas 10 օր առաջ
10:29 jj thats called passive agressive cheers m8
Shubham 10 օր առաջ
5:25 part was lit That kid just gave him a keyboard shot 😂😂😂
Professional ???%
Professional ???% 10 օր առաջ
ALternate title: KSI wathces people rage over videogames while agressively eating pasta with salt
DJ Alan Walker
DJ Alan Walker 10 օր առաջ
Salty compilation 3!!!!
John Turner
John Turner 11 օր առաջ
1:18 yeah that guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he said deadlifting, I’m 15 and I deadlift roughly around 300 pounds
JAMESON LOPES 10 օր առաջ
@John Turner thanks man, will do.
John Turner
John Turner 10 օր առաջ
@JAMESON LOPES good luck, don’t throw your back out. I did that once and I felt crippled for a while, always pick the weight up with your legs and not your back.
JAMESON LOPES 10 օր առաջ
@John Turner ah, okay. I'm not really built, nor am I fat. Just an average sophomore. I'm gonna try deadlifting though, and see how high I can go.
John Turner
John Turner 10 օր առաջ
I weigh 200, the amount of weight you can deadlift depends on how long you have been training and obviously how big you are, I play football and train with weights frequently. I’m not a “professional” on knowing how much people can lift so you can probably look up what the average deadlift for someone your size is.
JAMESON LOPES 10 օր առաջ
is deadlifting easy? I'm also 15, I weigh about 142, and I'm 5'11. you think I could as well?
Mr' Unknown57
Mr' Unknown57 11 օր առաջ
1:16 is That stable ronaldo tho?
R G 11 օր առաջ
Anyone who rages and start breaking shit at game, is automatically retarded, unloved by patrnts and autistic to me. Their brain is drained af. Gaming isnt for them lol
boy boy
boy boy 11 օր առաջ
i did not know what the complimenting guy was going for
Godz _
Godz _ 11 օր առաջ
Can we talk about why this still have ads.?
Enzo Spotter
Enzo Spotter 12 օր առաջ
9:48. When did ksi watch markiplayer
Fret N
Fret N 12 օր առաջ
Shun Hakito
Shun Hakito 12 օր առաջ
Imagine there's an huge arguments from ur parents and you just there eating saltless food 5:05
Yusuf Khoja
Yusuf Khoja 12 օր առաջ
2:23 same clip as old salty comp
Bilal Al nuss
Bilal Al nuss 12 օր առաջ
No ltg
dylan chloe m mercado
dylan chloe m mercado 12 օր առաջ
Ksi putting salt in everything belike Ksi eating candy i need salt
Filthy Rich
Filthy Rich 13 օր առաջ
When LindonFPS popped up on the screen I had to pause because I was laughing so hard. That guy is the fuckin' rage king of the internet. Pure content. 😂
JaNkOoO N1j3
JaNkOoO N1j3 13 օր առաջ
0:51 salt is falling from his food 😂😂😂 and even at 1:07 there is much salt on his food falling 😂
Shiny 14 օր առաջ
bro this video gave me too much salt on my plate, and i blacked out and woke up from the hospital, with a doctor saying "i ate too much salt and started bubbling from my mouth"
Nik Dim
Nik Dim 14 օր առաջ
That food JJ 😫
Evan Rider
Evan Rider 14 օր առաջ
Bro I needed that for my pasta as well
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena 14 օր առաջ
Wait why do you put salt on pasta
CroGodxK Gaming
CroGodxK Gaming 14 օր առաջ
Macaroni with salt exusee mee
REALITY- TUBE 15 օր առաջ
5:47- that a good thumbnail JJ’s, Genuis and I try the challenge with my pasta too. Enjoy this video JJ’s👍🏼
Louis Lake
Louis Lake 15 օր առաջ
Ngl I was more interested in the Food 🐷
Jovan Novakovic
Jovan Novakovic 15 օր առաջ
14:6 game name?plsss
D_ Pace
D_ Pace 15 օր առաջ
I have completted getting over it ! Hump! how many of you have ?! hahaahah
vansh bhudia
vansh bhudia 15 օր առաջ
Bro u dont know how hard It was to make my mom make the food ass u eating in the video
Duy Minh
Duy Minh 16 օր առաջ
JJ's laugh at 10:21 is fucking gold
Sleazy 16 օր առաջ
Am I the only one who eats while watching this
Um C O L E
Um C O L E 16 օր առաջ
May you pass the salt
Black Hack X 247
Black Hack X 247 16 օր առաջ
Need more salt, FGC (Fighting Game Community)
Yoosuf Ayaan
Yoosuf Ayaan 16 օր առաջ
True facts: the spaghetti has already salt 😂 Harry: am I a joke to joke The AM-posts salt : u lied bitch
Billy Sasuman
Billy Sasuman 16 օր առաջ
React to parents destroying kids electronics
Amethyst _TMY
Amethyst _TMY 16 օր առաջ
someone please make an appreciation post for the desk it’s deeply needed 🥺😪👍
Amethyst _TMY
Amethyst _TMY 16 օր առաջ
i just love jjs fans bro we act like he’s our sibling sometimes and i love it 😌
Xenomorph Was An Impostor
Xenomorph Was An Impostor 16 օր առաջ
When you see a girls boobs for the first time: 5:48
jole jeremiah
jole jeremiah 17 օր առաջ
JJ rocking that ILLVZN
BorutoX Gaming
BorutoX Gaming 17 օր առաջ
Me: *Making a normal house in Minecraft* *The Neighbor’s Kid watching me build:* 5:48
Zach Power
Zach Power 17 օր առաջ
And another KSI salt CONOR U STAN
Zach Power
Zach Power 17 օր առաջ
legosonmobileツ 17 օր առաջ
3:26 when u hate your friend then he suddenly dies of cancer
Exjected 17 օր առաջ
JJ had the salt, you can notice it at 0:52
Specimen 17 օր առաջ
10:30 dude Canadian
Zephryn24 17 օր առաջ
When KSI saw Markiplier get angry at Getting Over It, he just shut up immediately because he knows the pain of playing that game.
Az Hy
Az Hy 17 օր առաջ
A moment of silence for all of the keyboards got destroyed in this vid 😔
Maddox Watty
Maddox Watty 18 օր առաջ
6:55 I'm so annoying he's not wrong 😂
Rishab Venkataraman
Rishab Venkataraman 18 օր առաջ
He should do flight rage comp next
Andrew Hong
Andrew Hong 18 օր առաջ
This made my yogurt salty 🤣
Rayan Khan
Rayan Khan 18 օր առաջ
Pause at 1:08
The Beast of Memes
The Beast of Memes 18 օր առաջ
JJ: coughs having to much salt Doctor: sir your blood pressure is very high what have you been doing? JJ: 😶
salman i
salman i 19 օր առաջ
rip headphone users
Guillaume Arnould
Guillaume Arnould 19 օր առաջ
Alternate title: watch people rage while JJ is eating his pasta
SGG TarZee
SGG TarZee 20 օր առաջ
6:57 he legit sounded like an American 😂
TK Davidsenn
TK Davidsenn 20 օր առաջ
People raging and wrecking stuff KSI: this food good fam
Aryamun Tyagali
Aryamun Tyagali 20 օր առաջ
I cannot say anything but5:46
Vincent Gaming
Vincent Gaming 20 օր առաջ
The food look good though
Jaywitdatray 20 օր առաջ
2:36 best edit on AM-posts😂😅😂
TottalyToast 20 օր առաջ
For some reason jj eating is insanely satisfying
moe A
moe A 21 օր առաջ
while I was watching him my mom told me to lower the volume
Prince Zuko
Prince Zuko 21 օր առաջ
video:50 f bombs a second 1:34 ksi eating : oh this is good
ivxy 21 օր առաջ
He really called xqc ninja junior 💀 lmaoo
Haydn Fisher-Lake
Haydn Fisher-Lake 21 օր առաջ
I feel this is just an excuse for JJ to eat food on camera
sina p
sina p 21 օր առաջ
You laugh like Penny Weis 😂
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